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         “I had a chance to see the film last night and was blown away. Great work”.

                 ~ Jeff Myers, 19th  Inside Out LGBT Film & Video Festival

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EXAMINER - http://www.examiner.com/indie-film-in-baltimore/unraveling-michelle-indie-film-masterpiece-review

Not many documentary films blow me away, but this documentary did. Directors Michelle Ann Farrell and Dan Shaffer go very deep into the issue of living your life. "Unraveling Michelle" is a documentary that centers around filmmaker Joe O'Ferrell who has been leading a secret life as a woman. After breaking the news to his film crew, family and friends, Joe goes on a journey to finally be Michelle Ann Ferrell.

The documentary shows the struggles, friendships and loses that Joe dealt with. "Unraveling Michelle" is brutally honest, encouraging and entertaining. The documentary won numerous film festival awards. Watching the pain Michelle goes through during her surgery and transition physically will pull at your heart. You see the joy and relief that Michelle has once her operation is complete. Michelle's mom is amazing as the understanding parent, while watching a lost Michelle try to get driving directions in Pennsylvania is hysterical.

"Unraveling Michelle" is more than just a transgender documentary. It's a documentary about truth, honesty and living ones life. The film also shows that Michelle's experience in independent film has not changed. The interviews with filmmakers proves that Michelle's creativity on independent film projects is as strong as ever.

Learn more about "Unraveling Michelle" at www.unravelingmichelle.com.

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